Transfer and Foil Printing


  • Transfer Printing
  • Foil Printing
  • Circle Textile Processing
  • Fabric Bonding
  • 2D Embossing
  • 3D Embossing
  • Digital Printing

Highly technical combinations of fabric, print, and finish, giving your design a truly unique look


A fusion of techniques can take your fashion fabric design to another level

Our young and talented designers liaise directly with the experienced operators to help you achieve the very best results when converting your ideas into fabric patterns. Helping you develop ideas by exploring fusions of different processes to create a truly unique look and texture.


Working with our team of experts you will be able to understand all the possibilities

With four decades in transfer and foil printing, together with 176,000 square feet of production floor packed with the industry’s best equipment, Fashion Fabrics have the people, knowledge and facilities to handle the most demanding contracts.


Looking for a company who can inspire you?

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