Supplier Responsibility


The textile industry is one of the longest and most complicated supply chains in the manufacturing industry

Lack of visibility over what’s happening further down the chain has often resulted in collateral brand damage to the fashion house.

This is because the textile industry is composed of a wide number of sub-sectors, covering the entire production cycle from the production of raw materials (man-made fibres) to semi-processed (yarn, woven and knitted fabrics with their finishing processes) and final products.


Fashion Fabrics provide the greatest visibility down the supply chain

The greatest challenge to any company commissioning fashion is balancing competitive pricing with ensuring their supply chain is free from unethical labour practices, spiralling waste and toxic pollution.

Working with partners in different countries complicates the management of the supply chain which is why Fashion Fabrics work smarter by consolidating the majority of processes in a cluster of production facilities in Leicester.

Keeping costs low through optimising workflow, minimising logistics and providing a compact supply chain.

  • UK based group
  • Consolidation of fashion supply chain
  • Reduced logistics and timescales
  • Greater accountability, compliance and full traceability
  • EU standards for worker safety and machine maintenance

Our focus is placed on quality management and ‘right first time’ production to provide an ethical low cost fashion fabric solution to our clients 


Transparency and trust is vital to achieving competitive pricing

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